Home Builder in Upland CA

For a home builder in Upland CA you can trust with your big project, hire Dave Gula Construction

When it comes to getting a unique home that reflects your tastes and needs, custom building is definitely the way to go. But, this route is not for the faint of heart. Custom building requires a significant investment and a lot of faith that all the details of the project are going to come together right. Fortunately, you can enlist Dave Gula Construction to help you as your home builder in Upland CA. We will make sure that:

  • Your home is built to a high standard
  • Your project is managed efficiently and professionally
  • All relevant permits are pulled and building code standards are met
  • Your home includes all the high-end materials and finishes you want
  • Your budget and timeline are respected

We Only Work With the Best

After 40 years working as a home builder in Upland CA, we know all the best suppliers and subcontractors to use to ensure a top-quality construction job. Even though we trust the professionals we work with, we still maintain close control and oversight of every project, with either Dave or his son Jeff visiting the job site regularly to ensure work is going according to your schedule and your budget.

Our Name Adds Value to Your Home

As a 40-year-old company with an ample portfolio of completed custom homes of various ages, we can offer proof positive that we know how to build beautiful homes. Today, the “Gula” name on one of our custom built homes is considered a selling point by local realtors because it shows that the home is of excellent quality.

Need Help With Your Design?

Like any home builder in Upland CA, we can work from any architectural plans you choose. But, we also offer something special in that we can refer you to Gary J Gula for any design assistance you may need. Gary is a talented designer with an impressive portfolio and naturally he shares the Gula family passion for helping you turn your dream home into a reality.

Let Us Exceed Your Expectations as Your Home Builder in Upland CA

One of the reasons that Dave Gula Construction is considered a top-tier home builder in Upland CA is that we not only consistently deliver on all our promises, but also exceed client expectations with our finished homes. We are confident we can exceed your expectations too.

To discuss hiring us as your home builder in Upland CA and to get a bid, please contact us at 909-985-5539.