Room Additions in San Dimas CA

Need more space? Room additions in San Dimas CA could be the answer.

Has your family outgrown your home? Before you resign yourself to moving, you may want to consider adding an addition. Depending on the space available on your lot and any applicable code regulations in your neighborhood, you may have the choice of building up or out. In either case, Dave Gula Construction can help.

Types of Room Additions in San Dimas CA

Room additions in San Dimas CA can be used for any purpose you can imagine. However, some types of additions are more common than others. In our 40 year history our company has works on many types of additions such as:

  • Garage additions
  • Master suite additions
  • In-law suite additions
  • Sunroom additions
  • Bedroom additions
  • Family room additions
  • Laundry room/Utility room additions

We have also completed remodeling projects where additions were used to expand a room such as the kitchen.

Now you might wonder…

…What’s this going to cost me?

You won’t be able to find this out without finalizing your design. After all, the cost of room additions in San Dimas CA is based on factors that will be unique to your project, such as:

  • Size of the addition
  • Complexity of structural changes to the home
  • Whether new plumbing needs to be run
  • Quality of your finishing materials

If you contact Dave Gula Construction with your specifics, we can provide a detailed estimate for your room additions in San Dimas CA. And if you hire us, we’ll provide a clear contract including a reliable budget and timeline for the job.

Why Choose Dave Gula Construction

Our extensive experience with room additions in San Dimas CA means that your project is going to go smoothly and your room will exceed your expectations.

We understand the permitting process in our local area, as well as the code requirements relevant to additions. We will make sure your addition is built correctly so that it is legal and can be added to your square footage.

Because we have worked extensively with many local subcontractors, we know the best professionals to call for specific aspects of your job, such as framing, plumbing, electrical, flooring, etc.

Finally, we know how to run an orderly and efficient job site, which will help your project stay on time and on budget.

Call Now for a Bid

Are you ready to get a bid? Simply fill out our online contact form or call us at 909-985-5539 and tell us your ideas for possible room additions in San Dimas CA.